Arlette. Courage Is A Muscle

  • Arlette - Mut ist ein Muskel (German title)
Documentary | 2014-2015 | Germany, Switzerland

    Brief synopsis

    A young woman from the Central African Republic, whose knee is injured by a stray bullet, shows her agony on camera.
    Somebody in Germany sees the pictures and decides to get care for her. She therefore spends a year of her adolescence in a hospital room, with doctors, physiotherapists… and her desire to return to her home country.


    Camera Departmentdirector of photography Katharina Dießner
    Director's DepartmentdirectorFlorian Specogna Hoffmann
    Editingeditor Sven Kulik
    MusiccomposerMartina Colli
    ProducerproducerPeter Spoerri
    ScreenplayscreenwriterFlorian Specogna Hoffmann
    Sound Post Productionsound re-recording mixer Silvio Naumann
    Sound Post Productiondialogue editor Valentin Finke
    Sound Post ProductionFoley Recordist Silvio Naumann

    Distributing companies

     aug&ohr medienFilm Festival Agency
    PS Film GmbH, Peter Spoerri [ch]


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Florian Specogna Hoffmann2015Visions du Réel [fr]Compétition internationale courtsNominated
    Florian Specogna Hoffmann2015Kinofest LünenWettbewerb LüdiaNominated
     Katharina Dießner2016Int. Frauenfestival Dortmund KölnBeste (Nachwuchs) Kamera DokuWinner
    Florian Specogna Hoffmann2016Sehsüchte PotsdamDokumentarfilmNominated
    Florian Specogna Hoffmann2016Achtung BerlinLobende Erwähnung der DokumentarfilmjuryWinner