Brief synopsis

Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” finds Steve Rogers leading the newly formed team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. But after another incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability, headed by a governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers, resulting in two camps—one led by Steve Rogers and his desire for the Avengers to remain free to defend humanity without government interference, and the other following Tony Stark’s surprising decision to support government oversight and accountability.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Chris EvansSteve Rogers / Captain America [L]Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Tom HollandPeter Parker / Spider-Man [L]Christian Zeiger
Scarlett JohanssonNatasha Romanoff / Black Widow [L]Luise Helm
Robert Downey Jr.Tony Stark / Iron Man [L]Tobias Meister
Elizabeth OlsenWanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch [L]Shandra Schadt
Paul RuddScott Lang / Ant-Man [L]Markus Pfeiffer
Paul BettanyVision [SR]Frank Schaff
Daniel BrühlBaron Zemo [SR]Daniel Brühl
Silvina BuchbauerNews Reporter [SR]
William HurtGeneral Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross [SR]Wolfgang Condrus
Sven HönigMan in Kiosk [BP]


production accountantKarsten Piel
assistant production accountantPiotr OdemskiPayroll
assistant production accountantAnna HintzenAssistant Cashier
assistant production accountantRabeah Hinrichs
accountant traineeViktoria Ngotsé
accountant traineeNadine Schulte
riggerTorsten Rackoll
director of photographyTrent Opaloch
1st assistant cameraRafael Jeneral2nd Unit
1st assistant cameraJohnny FeurerC-Cam, Main Unit Germany
1st assistant cameraTobias Sebastian Kownatzki1.Unit Leipzig / 2.Unit Berlin
1st assistant cameraBernd Deuber2nd Unit
1st assistant cameraMaximilian Günther1st Unit Berlin D-Cam
2nd assistant cameraKaja Styczynska2nd Unit
2nd assistant cameraJonas Maintz1st Unit Berlin D-Cam
2nd assistant cameraCarola Rodriguez Sanchez2nd Unit
2nd assistant cameraUwe Zegnotat
clapper/loaderMira Hamza1st Unit Germany
video playback operatorKrischan HintzVideo/DIT Cable Assistant 2nd Unit
video playback operatorStefan BaltzAssistent 2nd Unit
video playback operatorTimon KochAssistent 2nd Unit
video playback operatorSamuel Andert1.Unit Germany Utility
casting directorSarah Finn
extras/bit player castingQuentin WojtasAgentur filmgesichter
extras/bit player castingPatrick Winklerfür Filmgesichter / Berlin
costume supervisorStefanie BruhnGerman Costume Supervisor
costume coordinatorJana Witte
assistant costume designerKarin RosemannGermany
costume department coordinatorJana WitteGermany
wardrobeBettina von Auw2nd Unit / 1st Unit Germany
wardrobeJulia HillerichZusatz 1st Unit (Berlin)
wardrobeNicole Ebben2nd Unit / 1st Unit Germany
tailorFranka EhretSchneiderin
directorJoe Russo
directorAnthony Russo
AD Runner / Set-PASibel Koyuncu/ AD PA Germany
AD Runner / Set-PAAnna KlöbleLocation Department 1st Unit
AD Runner / Set-PAHenriette RodenwaldStunt Unit
AD Runner / Set-PAJonas Woelffer
AD Runner / Set-PAJohannes FröhlichStunt Unit
AD Runner / Set-PASonja Menzel-Gnizia/AD PA Germany, 1st Unit
AD Runner / Set-PAKevin KrowLocation Department
AD Runner / Set-PADominik Watin
AD Runner / Set-PARiccarda Russo
3rd assistant directorKai SiggelkowGER
3rd assistant directorChristiana Hug3rd AD Base Germany
3rd assistant directorBen BischofCrowd
3rd assistant directorPhilipp KramerAddtl. 3rd AD (Crowd) GER
AD PALuisa Laute
Crowd MarshallMadita MuschketZusatz (2 DT)
Crowd MarshallMario Ziemkendorf1 DT (Crowd Marshall)
editorJeffrey Ford
key/dolly gripHannes TrögerC Dolly Grip 1st Unit, Best Boy
key/dolly gripMichael Müller [4]2nd Unit DP Jaques Haitkin
key/dolly gripMarkus Kuballa
key/dolly gripHans Hellner2nd unit / Berlin
grip assistantCamilo Sottolichio1st Unit Germany
grip assistantPaolo Sanzani1.unit Germany
grip assistantJan HagenGrip
grip assistantMatthieu Rousseaux2nd Unit
rigging gripBeda Mulzer2nd Unit / Shading
crane operatorOsée BechstedtSplinter Unit Leipzig
stabilized remote Head technicianChristian BernutzX2 Arm Car
stabilized remote Head technicianMarkus KuballaX2 1DT
gafferAlbrecht Silberberger
gafferJanosch Voss2nd Unit DOP:Jaques Haitkin
best boyMartin Handrow2nd Unit
rigging gafferSascha Wolfram
electricianDavid Horn2nd Unit
electricianMatthias Bemme Emmrich1st Unit/ Germany
electricianFlorian BoeselRigging Electrician
electricianFerdinand FehlbergRigging
electricianJuan José Alcaide
electricianAlexander Zeihn1st Unit/Germany
electricianGolo Jahn
electricianRonald DeterRigging Crew
electricianPhilipp Lange2nd Unit DOP:Jaques Haitkin
electricianSimon Schätzle2nd Unit
electricianArian Uting1st Unit/Germany
additional electricianChristopher Becker
additional electricianStephan Große2nd Unit
additional electricianUrs Zimmermann1st Unit /Rigging (Leipzig)
additional electricianMarco Siefert1st Unit
additional electricianRoman Gutt2nd unit
additional electricianFalk Oettel
balloon light operatorChristian SaalfeldBalloonlight Supervisor
balloon light operatorFlorian Matthias Ritterassistent
balloon light operatorChristian Weber
lighting assistantPatrick Rosta1st Unit, Germany
lighting assistantMax Berg1st Unit / 3 DT Berlin
lighting assistantSulev Rikko1st unit/ Germany/ zusatz
makeup artist / hair stylistUlrich RitterCrowd/Germany
makeup artist / hair stylistSusann Carolin Wrobel
makeup artist / hair stylistJarrid Vanden EyndenSupervisior Ass. Crowd/Germany
makeup artist / hair stylistRuth Ute WagnerSupervisior CROWD/Germany
additional make up artistNadja MärzCrowd/Germany
additional make up artistStefanie Dimitrow
additional make up artistAnna Katharina Michel
additional make up artistGloria Göschel
additional make up artistChris Rossa
key makeup artistWaldemar Pokromski
producerKevin Feige
assistant-/ junior-producerPhilipp WeinrichHR Asstistant RISE FX
production designerOwen Paterson
assistant art directorMichael FissneiderBerlin Unit
set decoratorKatharina BirkenfeldGermany
assistant set decoratorKonstantin Ness
prop masterEckart Frizprop master (Germany)
standby propsStefan SellinAddtl. ST/BY Props 2nd Unit
standby propsSilvie SachsenederAdd. Standby Props Germany
set dresserMatthias TyrallaLeipzig
set dresserHannes FrühBerlin
set dresserChristian (Kuddel) WollbergBerlin/Leipzig
set dresserKarsten Barthel
art department coordinatorGesa Rehren
property assistantNancy AltubeStandby Probs I United Zusatz
assistant to propmaster /- buyerMarie PatzerAssistant Prop Master Germany
assistent stand by propmanSøren Schalleradd. media gear technician
picture car coordinatorMichael FechnerDeutschland
picture car coordinatorFrank Dockhorn
picture car coordinatorFriedrich SchmidtAssistent
picture car wranglerFabio Becker
picture car wranglerJulian Ehmer
picture car wranglerJustus Wilcken
location scoutMatthias Braun
location scoutBenno Pastewka
set builderChristoph Baumstiegergermany
Rigging, Special ConstructionsKerstin Blankenburgnur Vorbereitung
scenic painterEva WeymannSet Dec Painter
scenic painterTony MackPicture Vehicles
graphic artistAnnika Nina KielGermany
property driverMarco MüllerBerlin & Leipzig
unit production managerRalph Brosche2nd Unit Germany
Travel CoordinatorAnca Mehlis+ Housing (Berlin und Leipzig)
Health and Safety CoordinatorGrit BelitzDeutschlandteil
assistant production managerJens MatthiaschkAPOC / Shipping Coordinator
location managerMatthias BraunLocation Manager
location managerVolker ZobeltLocation Manager
location managerTristan HumeLocation Coordinator
location managerMartin Lischke
location managerBenno PastewkaGermany / Ass. Loc. Manager
location managerKonstantin NergerAsst. Berlin
transportation coordinatorCarsten Uhlig2nd-Unit - ICC
transportation captainPhilipp von BremenGER
set manager / 3rd ADAndreas Simon [1]GER - Stunt Unit - Berlin
set manager / 3rd ADSven JenuweinGermany
production secretaryMarcel Ahrens
assistant location managerBenjamin AckermannLeipzig
assistant location managerMoritz Peter FörsterStunt Unit
unit move coordinatorAnton HeidrichGermany
unit move coordinatorOskar KollerAssistant - Germany
production assistantStefan HübertPre-Production Leipzig
Assistant Transportation CoordinatorVito MarchianoTransportation Secretary
Assistant Transportation CoordinatorRobert James Napier1st and 2nd Unit
4th AD / Additional ADDaniela Garkov/ Loc. Dept.
4th AD / Additional ADAnna KlöbleSet PA / Loc. Dep. 1st Unit
4th AD / Additional ADLevy Spéder
4th AD / Additional ADJenny Müller/ Location PA
BlockerMarius Staubach
set runnerLisa BuchheimAD Runner / Set-PA Stunt Unit
set runnerValentin SpengemannSet Pa Loc. Department 1st Unit
production driverSteven VillwockBerlin Shoot
production driverMarie-Colette Loborec
production driverSophie Mogge
production driverAnett Hannemann
production driverBenjamin Reil
production driverDiana BriantBerlin
production driverMelanie BähringDoP & Crew
production driverPeter MettTruck Driver
production driverPeter Kiefer [1]
production driverDaniela Maria Routa2nd Unit GER
production driverFlorian Herz
production driverDirk Ehrhardt
production driverFlorian Panski
production driverJens Marschalleck1st Unit, Germany shoot
production driverAlexander Thiel
production driverAndre Schuster
production driverAxel Kirst
production driverLutz AlgermisselGermany
production driverSimon Trempnau
production driverDaniel Janssen
production driverJann Gromballanthony russo
personal driverOliver KujasStephen McFeely+Christopher Markus - GER
personal driverTommy SmolinskiTo Chadwick Boseman
personal driverElias Röhm- Judianna Makovsky, Michael Crow
personal driverBernd KoeppeNathaniel Moore
personal driverLaszlo SomogyiPatty Whitcher
office production assistantElisabeth (Ella) Liedtke
office production assistantPatricia Langenhan| Berlin & Leipzig
office production assistantDavid Segler
screenwriterChristopher Markus
screenwriterStephen McFeely
DevelopmentMark Millar
production sound mixerManfred Banach1st unit, Germany shoot
production sound mixerBernhard Joest2nd Unit Germany
boom operatorEtienne Haug
second boom operatorAzadeh ZandiehBerlin
second boom operatorMalo Thouément
special effects technicianMarcel Caspersfür Nefzer
stunt coordinatorFlorian Hotz
stuntman/womanMarie MouroumStuntplayer
stuntman/womanMichael BornhütterStuntplayer
stuntman/womanNiklas Kinzel
stuntman/womanClaudia HeinzStunt Player
stuntman/womanDani Stein
stuntman/womanAlrik KreemkeStuntman/Prezision Driver
stuntman/womanJörg Ellmer
stuntman/womanAntonia JaußStuntplayer
stuntman/womanWolfgang LindnerStuntplayer/Präzisionsfahrer..
stuntman/womanDaniel StockhorstPrecision Driver
stuntman/womanMichael Boettcher
stuntman/womanThomas ' Tom ' JesterPrecision Driver - Captain America pulls me out of the Car
stuntman/womanJan Boehme
stuntman/womanThomas Hacikoglu
stunt rescue diverRené Layfür Buff Connection GmbH
vfx Production CoordinatorPaul AndexelRise.fx
3d artistNando StilleRISE | Visual Effects Studios
digital film compositorMarco MeyerTrixter
digital film compositorDaniel Hartlehnert
digital film compositorThorsten ScholzRISE | Visual Effects Studios
vfx production assistantRobin JonaschVFX PA for Marvel
Caterer (Cook on Set)Stanley Paul AndelaFür Star's Dinner
set medicJörg Lehmann [1]Set Medic / 1st Unit
marketing, public relationMatthias Pasler

Distributing companies

Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH [de]


Extras/Bit PlayerAgentur Filmgesichter | Johanna RagwitzGermany
Lighting and UtilitiesZasa Lights GmbH | balloonlight systemsBallone/Tubes/Clouds
Production ServicesADG Ambulanzdienst GmbHSet-Medic / RTW
Production ServicesMedical Movie ServiceFeuerwehrkomparsen
Production ServicesStar`s Dinner Express GmbHCatering
Transportation, Travel and AccomodationAP Movieprops transportation
Transportation, Travel and AccomodationBerliner KartonexpressKartons/Verpackungen
Transportation, Travel and AccomodationNovus Media - Medien- & FilmserviceFahrzeug Umsetzungen
Transportation, Travel and AccomodationRoad Rebel
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Transportation, Travel and Accomodationvorsprung UG (haftungsbeschränkt)Custom Van Shelves
CostumesTheaterkunst GmbH KostümausstattungKB: Judiana Makovsky
DecorationStoffwerke Marion Herdletextile Anfertigung
PropsSturm Handels GmbHDummies
Image (Animation)Trixter Film [de]


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingFranceTF1 [fr]Sunday, 21.04.2019 at 21:00 o-clock


Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 28.04.2016
Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 27.04.2016