Brief synopsis

In a time of Internet hyper-connectivity, four girlfriends order drugs online, only to reveal how disconnected they really are.

What happens when an on-demand generation can have access to anything - food, weapons, clothes, drugs - at the click of a button? Our short film follows a confused and overloaded group of millennial girls. Amidst the transition from college to adulthood, they experiment with relationships, drugs and identities in both the physical and cyber worlds. When they discover Silk Road, their worlds collide.



ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Sandra von Ruffin
Lulu [SR]


Director of photographyNicholas K. Lory
DirectorMafalda Millies
DirectorLacey Dorn
EditorDaniel Triller

Production companies

Pourquoi Pas Pictures, Lacey Dorn et. al. [us]