Tina Semik / Aug & Ohr | © Lilli_2.0
© Lilli_2.0
Short Film | 2014-2018 | Animation, Thriller | Germany

Project data

Length of movie5:40 Min.
Picture formatTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)

Brief synopsis

Lilli_2.0 is a computer program that has become alive on Internet servers and wants to be a normal girl. As a new operating system in the head of the disabled Lilli, it gives her and itself a healthy body. Being literally a digital native, Lilli_2.0 masters all data and programs better than any hacker.

The complete clip shows a computer screen. In full screen mode, it looks like it’s happening live on your own computer.

(Aug & Ohr)


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Nicole DavidowWanda [L]
Florian KleineBenno [L]


director of photographyHelga Stock
1st assistant cameraAlessandro Veridiani
directorTina Semik
1st assistant directorRonja Bauer
editorTimo Krahl& Sounddesign
gafferGaul Porat
co-producerElena Szameitat
co-producerSven Bliedung
production designerSean Gallen& Kostüm
screenwriterStephan Greitemeier
screenwriterTina Semik
script translatorAlex RossDrehbuch DE -> EN
production sound mixerMoritz Monorfalvi

Distributing companies

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