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Start of shooting26.03.2014
End of shooting10.05.2014
LocationsGrossbritanien, Jamaika, Bahamas, USA, Kolumbien

    Brief synopsis

    October, 1986…. two businessmen die in a hail of gunfire in room 1215 of the Dupont Plaza Hotel in Miami. A successful entrepreneur from London is arrested. He had the weapon, motive and opportunity, and even provided investigators with a false alibi. Surprisingly, there was even an eyewitness in the victims’ room. However, the witness lied. The victims were not respectable businessmen, but money launderers for drug cartels. Even the Miami police and prosecutors lied in the process. The judge offered to fix the case for the defendant, in exchange for 50,000 USD. Not only had the London entrepreneur not shot the victims, he wasn’t even in Miami at the time of the murder. But that didn’t matter. “Justice” had triumphed, and ever since, Krishna Maharaj has been in prison for more than 27 years... (


    Camera Departmentdirector of photography Andi PattkeCanon C300
    Director's DepartmentdirectorPeter F. Müller
    Editingeditor Christoph Kleine


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    First showingGermanyWDR [de]Monday, 20.10.2014