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  • Aloys (German title)
  • We are (Dead) (Working title)
Feature Film | 2013-2016 | Drama | Switzerland

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Length of movie91


  • ALOYS - R: Tobias Nölle - 2013


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Brief synopsis

Ein vereinsamter Privatdetektiv verliebt sich in eine geheimnisvolle Fremde, die eine verstörende Botschaft auf seiner Videokamera hinterlässt. Eine düstere und doch magische Reise beginnt auf der er den Mut findet, seine Isolation für immer zu durchbrechen. (

Aloys Adorn is a middle aged private detective who lives and works with his father. He experiences life from a safe distance, through a video camera he keeps recording 24 hours a day, and the massive collection of surveillance tapes he organizes and obsessively watches at home. But when his father dies, Aloys is left on his own and his sheltered existence begins to fall apart. After a night of heavy drinking, Aloys wakes up on a public bus to find that his camera and precious observation tapes have been stolen. Soon after, a mysterious woman calls to blackmail him. She offers to return the tapes if Aloys will try an obscure Japanese invention called ‘telephone walking’ with her, using his imagination as their only connection. As he is drawn deeper and deeper, falling in love with the voice on the other end of the phone, the woman opens up a new universe that may allow Aloys to break out of his isolation and into the real world.

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ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Georg FriedrichAloys Adorn [L]
Tilde von OverbeckVera [L]
 Kamil KrejciHerr Schoch [SR]
Karl Friedrich [1]Vater Aloys [SR]
 Aaron HitzGonzo [SR]
 Rahel Hubacherschwangere Frau [SR]
 Sebastian Krähenbühl
Abwart [SR]
 Agnes LampkinJulie Kramer [SR]
 Jürg PlüssPolizist [SR]
 Benjamin MerzPolizist [BP]


Camera Departmentdirector of photography Simon Guy Fässler
Camera Department1st assistant camera Micky Schärer
Camera Department2nd ac second assistant camera Meret Madörin
Costume Departmentcostume designer Leonie Zykan
Director's DepartmentdirectorTobias Nölle
Director's Department1st assistant director Roger Schweizer1st AD
Director's Department2nd assistant director Pascal Glatz
EditingeditorTobias Nölle
Gripkey/dolly grip Malte Kneib
Lightinggaffer Jochen Kratzheller

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Department CompanyComment
Production DesignCostumes PATIN-A SHOP GmbHKostümequipment
VFX / Post ProductionFilm Processing/Transfers8horses GmbH [ch]


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
 Simon Guy Fässler2016Camerimage [pl]Cinematographers’ DebutNominated
Tobias Nölle2016Internationale Filmfestspiele BerlinFirst Feature AwardNominated
Tobias Nölle2016Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-VorpommernSpielfilmNominated
Tobias Nölle2016Camerimage [pl]Directors’ DebutWinner
Tobias Nölle2016Kinofest LünenLüdiaNominated
 Simon Guy Fässler2017Schweizer Filmpreis [ch]Beste KameraWinner
Tobias Nölle2017Schweizer Filmpreis [ch]Beste MontageNominated
Christof Neracher2017Schweizer Filmpreis [ch]Bester SpielfilmNominated
Christian Davi2017Schweizer Filmpreis [ch]Bester SpielfilmNominated
Thomas Thümena2017Schweizer Filmpreis [ch]Bester SpielfilmNominated


Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 24.11.2016