TV-Show | Episodes 1-4 | 2014 | RTL | Germany

Main data

DirectorFrank Hof
Written byMathias Taddigs (co-writer)
Production Constantin Entertainment GmbH

Project data

Episodes from/to1-4


    Camera Departmentstudio camera operatorAnnett Gierschner
    Camera Departmentremote camera operator Sven Ulrich
    Director's DepartmentdirectorFrank Hof
    Production Designset decoration buyerDanilo Schönherr
    Production Mgt.unit manager Felix Straub
    Screenplayco-writerMathias Taddigs
    Special Effectsspecial effects technician Luggi Leitner

    Production companies

     Constantin Entertainment GmbH


    Department CompanyComment
    LightingLighting and Utilities Design & MusterbauSpotlight operator
    ProductionFinance/Law/InsuranceMecon Media Concept Ltd. [de]Gagenabrechnung (Komparsen)
    ProductionProduction Services Cine-Food BerlinCatering
    ProductionProduction ServicesFire & Medical ServiceSet- Medic
    Production Design, Costumes, Makeup and HairProps Hahn-GrafixGraphic Artist
    VFX / Post ProductionImage/Editing Magic Eye Videoproduktions GmbH