• Sehnsucht (German title)
  • Der Genuss zur Begierde (Working title)
Short Feature Film | 2012-2013 | Drama, Love | Germany

Main data

Director Kai Sitter
Written by Kai Sitter (Idea)
ProductionFilmwork Studios, Kai Sitter

Project data

Length of movie5

Brief synopsis

Sie will das Leben, sie giert danach. Er auch, aber in geregelten Bahnen. Er weiß, was er vom Leben erwartet, wie er es führen möchte. Sie noch nicht.

It is about avidity and desire. So it is like in nearly every relationships. Lots of misunderstandings. She wants the life, she yaws about it. He too but in a controlled way. He knows how he wants his life. Actually with her but she is really unsure about this. Cause she wants to see something more from the world before.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Anna MärzSie [L]
 Martin SchülkeEr [L]


Camera Departmentdirector of photography Kai Sitter
Director's Departmentdirector Kai Sitter
EditingeditorDenis Pevtsov
ScreenplayIdea Kai Sitter
ScreenplayStory Kai Sitter
ScreenplayStoryAnna März
ScreenplayStoryMartin Schülke
Sound Departmentproduction sound mixerMatthias Lindinger

Production companies

Filmwork Studios, Kai Sitter