Short Feature Film | 2011 | Action | Italy

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Length of movie17


  • Teaser zum Kurzfilm

Brief synopsis

Bloody revenge of a young tailor during the peasant revolt of Bronte, Sicily. Salvo, the land keeper, is at the vanguard of the revolt who wants to possess everything of the former baron, even something he can not have: his elegance, his style. Salvo decides not to kill Tailor in return for a beautiful tailor-made, cut to fit jacket. During Tailor's sewing work, some tragic memories come to surface, memories of a man tortured by unknowns. That is when Tailor finally reacts and challenges the unrestrained anger of the campier. In an amazing duel between the two, in the bloody and wild sun of Sicily, the Tailor pieces together the most tragic events of his life, starting up his old vengeance plan.



ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Giovanni CalcagnoSalvo [L]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyMarco Bassano
Director's DepartmentdirectorGiovanni La Pàrola
EditingeditorMarco Bassano
Production Mgt.production manager Ruggero de Virgiliis
ScreenplayscreenwriterGiovanni La Pàrola

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