• Nasenland (German title)
Documentary | 2010-2012 | Germany

Project data

Length of movie82'

    Brief synopsis

    Noseland is a humorous ode to the world of classical music and some of its star musicians. Although it is a feature length documentary, it crosses genres into fiction and comedy.
    The world famous violinist with a nose fetish, Julian Rachlin, takes over the town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, every year to bring together some of the world's greatest musicians, actors and composers and create a unique two week long classical music festival. His oldest friend, the violinist, composer and "wanna-be" filmmaker Aleksey Igudesman offers to make a documentary film that will take an "inside look" at this "fairytale" festival but things seem to go wrong pretty much from the start.
    Finding himself in the role of a somewhat oblivious producer, Rachlin watches the documentary fall apart in front of his eyes, as Igudesman manages to offend every one of the artists he interviews. By the time John Malkovich starts ranting about how much Rachlin "sucks" and all classical musicians are depicted as "gay", Rachlin realizes that this is not quite what he expected.
    A mix between being boldly sincere and outright ridiculous, questions like "What does a conductor actually do?" and "Why does anyone come to a music festival in the first place?" fail to be answered in the most eloquent way. The extraordinary classical music, performed by some of today's greatest musicians, mingled with hilarious moments of film making failure evoke utter bewilderment in Rachlin.
    In the end, Aleksey Igudesman makes Sir Roger Moore cry on camera and Julian Rachlin fear for his future, not only as a classical soloist... (


    director of photographySebastian Leitner
    directorAleksey Igudesman
    editorSebastian Leitner
    producerGeorge Votis
    producerAleksey Igudesman
    producerJulian Rachlin

    Production companies

    SLfilm, Sebastian Leitner [de]


    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 12.06.2014