Thou gild'st the even

Sen Aydinlatirsin Geceyi

  • Thou gild'st the even (German title)
Feature Film | 2012-2013 | Drama, Fantasy | Turkey

Main data

DirectorOnur Ünlü
Written byOnur Ünlü
ProductionefLAtunfilm [tu]

Project data

Length of movie107 Min.

Brief synopsis

In a small Anatolian town life goes on; Cemal is an assistant referee in football matches, Yasemin works in a farm, Defne is a street vendor who sells books, Doctor Irfan is occupied with his patients…

In this town with two suns and three full moons in the sky, Cemal -who can see through the walls- has no expectation out of life and looks for a way out with Yasemin -who can move objects with her fingers- as he was trying to deal with the distress that fell on his. However, Defne, who can freeze time will muddle things up; Yasemin’s immortal boss’ actions will contradict the invisible elementary school teacher’s advices who is trying to eliminate the worries of Cemal.

“Thou Gild’st the Even” is a black and white movie about the ordinary sorrows, worries and troubles of the townsmen with extraordinary abilities.



ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Ali AtayCemal [L]
Demet EvgarYasemin [L]
Damla SönmezDefne [L]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyVedat Özdemir
Costume Departmentcostume designerCanel Güney
Director's DepartmentdirectorOnur Ünlü
EditingeditorEmre Boyraz
Makeup Departmentmakeup artist / hair stylistDerya Ergün
Production Designart directorHüsamettin Demirci
ScreenplayscreenwriterOnur Ünlü
Visual Effectscolorist Andreas Brueckl

Production companies

efLAtunfilm [tu]


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Onur Ünlü2013Istanbul Film FestivalBest FilmWinner
Onur Ünlü2013Istanbul Film FestivalBest ScreenplayWinner
Onur Ünlü2013Istanbul Film FestivalFIPRESCI PrizeWinner
Emre Boyraz2013Istanbul Film FestivalBest EditingWinner