Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures

  • Ernie und Bert im Land der Träume (German title)
TV Series | 2008 | Animation, Children | USA

    Brief synopsis

    Each episode begins with Bert and Ernie climbing into their beds for a night's sleep. Suddenly, Bert's bed starts shaking and tapping, and Ernie hops aboard as the bed flies out of their apartment and into their next great adventure. Each adventure has Bert and Ernie in a new location and a new situation. Sometimes they're accompanied by Bert's trusted pigeon-friend Bernice, or Ernie's toy Rubber Duckie. Often they encounter new and old friends, and also adversaries, along the way. (


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Miss Moshley [SRE] Sandra Maren Schneider


    Director's DepartmentdirectorZuständige/r Producer/in
    Director's Departmentdirector (dubbing)Peter Kirchberger

    Production companies

    Sesame Workshop [us]