Carte Blanche

  • Die Ermittler (Working title)
Documentary | 2011-2012 | Switzerland

    Brief synopsis

    They don’t wear uni­forms or carry weapons; they have no body­guards. Yet their mis­sions take them to the most dan­ger­ous places on Earth. As in­ves­ti­ga­tors of the In­ter­na­tional Crim­i­nal Court they painstak­ingly gather ev­i­dence against those re­spon­si­ble for some of the most se­ri­ous crimes com­mit­ted in our time: in Dar­fur, Uganda, The De­mo­c­ra­tic Re­pub­lic of the Congo and – as the least known spot on the map of core crimes – in the Cen­tral African Re­pub­lic.
    In 2002, a wave of vi­o­lence shook the Cen­tral African Re­pub­lic. Mil­i­tant rebels from neigh­bor­ing Congo re­ceived carte blanche from their leader Jean-Pierre Be­mba to kill, rape and pil­lage. The film „Carte Blanche” fol­lows the in­ves­ti­ga­tors of the first per­ma­nent in­ter­na­tional court into the heart of Africa. Eight years af­ter the vi­o­lence, jus­tice shall be done. And Jean-Pierre Be­mba – as one of the first com­man­ders be­ing pros­e­cuted be­fore an in­ter­na­tional tri­bunal for his com­mand re­spon­si­bil­ity for sys­tem­atic rape – is to be put on trial. (


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyThomas Keller [1]
    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyJohann Feindt
    Director's DepartmentdirectorHeidi Specogna
    Editingeditor Anne Fabini3sat-dokumentarfilmpreis
    ScreenplayscreenwriterHeidi Specogna
    Screenplayco-writerSonja Heizmann

    Production companies

    PS Film GmbH, Peter Spoerri [ch]


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Sonja Heizmann2014Grimme PreisInformationNominated
    Heidi Specogna2014Grimme PreisInformationNominated


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingGermanyWDR [de]Tuesday, 05.02.2013