Indie Feature Film | 2013-2014 | Road Movie | Canada, USA

Main data

Shooting data

Start of shooting03.09.2013
End of shooting25.09.2013

Project data

Length of movie106 min.

Brief synopsis

The Philosopher King is a story of reconnection and reconciliation between two estranged brothers. Michael, the younger brother, is a serious and successful classical musician. Jacob, the older brother, is a drifter and a dreamer, who moves between places and artistic project without ever seeing one through to completion. Together, they take a road trip through Sweden, Jacob's adopted country, in pursuit of another dream, and in the process have to face themselves and eachother, and come terms with their life choices.



ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Will HowarthMichael [L]
 Seumas SargentJacob [L]
Amelia ClayMia [SR]
Katherine StreeterSylvia [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyJoel Froome
Director's DepartmentdirectorRouzbeh Noori
Director's Department1st assistant directorAlexander Jeffery
EditingeditorLiz Deegan
MusiccomposerBence Kutrik
Producerexecutive producerJohan Matton
Production Mgt.line producerAnnie Sjöberg
ScreenplayscreenwriterRouzbeh Noori
Sound Departmentproduction sound mixerTamas Steger