Short Feature Film | 2012 | Experimental | Switzerland

Brief synopsis

We follow Max, a successful modern man, as he navigates the physical and emotional challenges of being plucked from his urban comforts and placed without remorse into an environment which initially reveals nothing but his own twisted reflection.

He finds himself lost and alone with the very real challenge of keeping himself alive in a place which provides him with few comforts. Ultimately what could save him is the experience of letting go of fear all together and embracing the unusual circumstances he is in .

Watch and see what happens to a man who is forced to slowly realize he has nothing, and that everything that was important to him before can not sustain him. The sometimes radical ideas he holds as true present their own danger as he begins to loose a grip on what we usually perceive to be sensible and safe.

As he moves forward it is apparent that he is beginning to really become aware of nature, and nature is observing him as well. Gradually one realizes that, from this perspective the process is a humbling exposition of self, and an example of how distant todayʼs world is from the truth and clarity which is found in nature.



Camera Departmentdirector of photographyAaron Fee
Director's DepartmentdirectorSean Fee
Production Mgt.assistant production managerCarla Engler

Production companies

Tasty Pictures GmbH [ch]