Documentary | 2012-2014 | Germany

Shooting data

LocationsBurkina Faso

Project data

Length of movie65 Minuten

    Brief synopsis

    Bintou has just finished her training as a dressmaker and is able to get by quite well in Burkina Faso – especially since she is doing a lot of work for white persons. At 24 she wants to achieve something in life and dreams of a career in Europe. Bintou documents her newest designs with a small camera, chats online in the internet café and reenacts casting shows from television with her friends.

    But frequently when she is alone, Bintou thinks about Christiane, her six year old daughter. Christiane lives in a home, so as to relieve Bintou who has experienced terrible things in the past. In these moments memories catch up with her. When Christiane turns seven and is supposed to move back in with her mother, the young dressmaker has to finally face her situation...

    “Bintou” is a portrait of a young African woman searching for her own way in between traditional role patterns and a modern lifestyle.


    Camera Departmentdirector of photography Carina Neubohn
    Director's DepartmentdirectorSimone Catharina Gaul
    EditingeditorJan Bihl
    MusiccomposerKonomba Traoré
    Musiccomposer Hannah von Hübbenet
    Producerfreelance producer Martin Schwimmer
    Producerfreelance producer Dominik Utz
    Production Mgt.assistant production managerLukas Tolksdorf
    Production Mgt.unit managerLukas Tolksdorf
    Sound Departmentproduction sound mixer Dominik Leube

    Distributing companies

     aug&ohr medienFilm Festival Agency


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
     Martin Schwimmer2014Festival Ecrans Noirs [cm]Official SelectionNominated
     Martin Schwimmer2014Hot Docs Toronto [ca]Official SelectionNominated
     Martin Schwimmer2014Les Escales Documentaires de LibrevilleOfficial SelectionNominated
     Martin Schwimmer2014Regard bleu Filmfestival [ch]Official SelectionNominated
     Martin Schwimmer2014Docudays UA KievOfficial SelectionNominated
     Martin Schwimmer2014Madurai Film Festival [in]Official SelectionNominated
     Martin Schwimmer2014Dokubazaar Ljubljana Ind. Documentary Film [si]Official SelectionNominated
     Dominik Utz2014Madurai Film Festival [in]Official SelectionNominated
     Dominik Utz2014Festival Ecrans Noirs [cm]Official SelectionNominated
     Dominik Utz2014Regard bleu Filmfestival [ch]Official SelectionNominated