Commercial | 2013 | Germany


    director of photographyJuan Miguel Azpiroz
    steadicam operatorFelix Storp
    extras/bit player castingRegina KaczmarekFrankfurt
    directorPhil Brown
    1st assistant directorMarc Bierer
    gafferTilo Ullrich
    electricianRalf Ommerborn
    electricianChristian Buhlert
    electricianChristoph Schobert
    electricianPhilipp Barth
    electricianJ. Paul Fahle
    location scoutRegina KaczmarekFrankfurt, München, DD (Teil)
    line producerDominik Adam-Nikel
    assistant production managerRene PetitPA / Director / AL
    unit managerSimon RudatHH
    unit managerJochen BroodDüsseldorf
    location managerMarkus SteuerDüsseldorf & NRW
    location managerRegina Kaczmarek
    set manager / 3rd ADMoritz Duesterberg
    production driverStefan WollenbergDüsseldorf
    production driverRaimund LührsDüsseldorf
    production driverOliver KujasLoc+TecRecce - HH + Berlin

    Production companies

    Markenfilm GmbH & Co. KG


    Extras/Bit Playercheering crowdDouble & Komp. DUS
    Finance/Law/Insuranceadag Payroll Services GmbHKomparsenabrechnung
    Production ServicesastRein FußmattenFußmattenservice
    Production Servicescatering by donatas
    Locations and StudiosAgentur KaczmarekLocation Scout Frankfurt, Muc, DD (Teil)