Feature Film | 2005 | Drama | Russia

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Length of movie93'

    Brief synopsis

    The life of Nicholas Zvyagin, a law enforcement officer, greatly changed after the family drama associated with the betrayal of his wife. Once in prison, he met with influential person to whom, after the liberation finds a job in the Guard. But a fatal combination of circumstances once again intervene in the life of the protagonist.One evening in the bar, he meets a beautiful girl, and carries with it a passionate night in a hotel on the edge of town. And then he finds that she - the wife of his boss ...


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyAlexey Moltschanow
    Director's DepartmentdirectorRudolf Fruntov
    Makeup Departmentkey makeup artist Tatiana RamikhKrimidrama 2 Serien,
    ScreenplayscreenwriterIgor Agueyev
    TV-/Web-ContentreporterDenis RamikhFotograf

    Production companies

    Mentor Cinema [ru]