Documentary | 2011 | Israel

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Length of movie57'

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    Months ahead of his father's release from prison, Avshalom's (18) reality starts to change. Since his father was sentenced to three years in jail for domestic violence, his mother, Riki (42), became the sole provider for her family of seven, whilst Avshalom dropped out of school and created an alternative reality based around the sport of Parkour*, in which he was a superhero living on the edge.
    The Gil Family was shocked when the court arrested and banned the father from seeing his children. FreeFlow accompanies the internal and external conflicts that Avshalom and his mum, Riki, experience during the nine months ahead of his father’s return. Riki seeks to clear her husband's name and fights to maintain the disputed truth in which she was the one guilty of splitting up the family, and the absent father was the victim. The inevitable upcoming showdown between Avshalom and his father, the man he testified against, is going to dictate his mother's fate. (


    Director's DepartmentdirectorRami Katz
    Director's DepartmentScript Amos Ponger
    Director's DepartmentScriptRami Katz
    Editingeditor Amos PongerGrand Prix Sarejevo. Other israel award

    Production companies

    Pi Productions [il]
    Rami Katz Produktion [il]


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Rami Katz2011Haifa Int'l Film Festival [il]DokumentarfilmWinner
    Rami Katz2011Prvi Kadar Festival Sarajevo [ba]Grand Prix DokumentarfilmWinner
    Rami Katz2012Other Israel Film Festival [us]DokumentarfilmWinner