Short Film | 2013 | Thriller | USA

Main data

DirectorAngel Lebon
Written byShen Randall (head writer)
ProductionAngel Lebon Pictures [us]

Brief synopsis

Lina Matthew is the body double for a high-profile starlet, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The "double" takes advantage of the situation and decides to earn a substantial amount of money by selling the missing celebrity's custom built sports car back to the original owner, Hortense Elisabeth Martense. Ms. Martense is an elderly eccentric who lives by the motto of owning (and controlling) one's own destiny. Over the course of two visits (during one day) to the Martense estate, Lina realizes the chilling consequence of rushing into a situation without thoroughly comprehending all the facts.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Iris KarinaHortense-Elisabeth Martens [L]
Krista ProkopchukLina Matthew [L]
Dean BarlageHenry [SR]


director of photographySkye Von
directorAngel Lebon
editorMark Wagner
head writerShen Randall

Production companies

Angel Lebon Pictures [us]