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Deliveryhero - Comic

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    Commercial | 2012-2013 | Comedy | Germany

    Main data

    Brief synopsis

    This is a Shortfilm we did in cooperation with "Deliveryhero/Lieferheld". Our interpretation of what a Deliveryhero could be like ;)


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Mathis LandwehrDelivery Hero [L]
    Ulrik BruchholzBösewicht [SR]
    Tolga DegirmenBösewicht [SR]
    Thomas HacikogluBösewicht [SR]


    director of photographyVi-Dan Tran
    director of photographyShawn Bu
    directorVi-Dan Tran
    directorShawn Bu
    editorShawn Bu
    VFX EditorShawn Bu
    VFX EditorVi-Dan Tran
    sound effects editorVi-Dan Tran
    fight choreographerUlrik Bruchholz
    stuntman/womanTolga Degirmen

    Production companies

    T7 Production