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Documentary Series | Episodes 1-5 | 2013 | RTL II [de] | Scripted-Reality | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting02.08.2013
End of shooting12.10.2013
LocationsLos Angeles , USA

Project data

Episodes from/to1-5


    Director's DepartmentdirectorMatthias Grüner
    Director's Departmentdirector Donatus Vogt
    Director's DepartmentScriptGerrit Woltmann7 Wochen Los Angeles
    EditingeditorBastian Bothe
    Production Mgt.line producer Herbert Linkesch
    Production Mgt.production managerMelanie Lohse
    Production Mgt.production manager Harro von Brunn
    Production Mgt.assistant production managerTalile AbeltLos Angeles
    Production Mgt.unit manager Harro von Brunn
    Production Mgt.location manager Harro von Brunn

    Production companies

     filmpool entertainment GmbH


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    ProductionProduction Services von Brunn Media