Willa Poster | © cocofilms
Short Film | 2013-2015 | Mystery | Germany

Shooting data

LocationsMünchen, Harz

Project data

Length of movie15 Min.
Picture formatCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Picture material negativeRedcode RAW 4K
Picture material positiveRedcode RAW 4K
Sound formatStereo

Brief synopsis

A railway station in the middle of nowhere. David is looking for his girlfriend: Willa. They were on their way to their own wedding, when an accident made them stuck at a small railway station. Now Willa is missing and none of the other fellow passengers know where she is. Although the next train is so supposed to come any minute, David leaves the railway station to search for Willa. The warnings of the others, that the forest is dangerous and that there are supposed to lurk wolves doesn’t restrain him from walking outside.........


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Karoline SchuchWilla [L]
Fabian OehlDavid [L]
Dunja BengschFrau Lander [SR]
Mareile BlendlMutter [SR]
Butz Ulrich BuseHerr Lander [SR]
Mai Duong KieuKoreanerin [SR]
Marie Anne FliegelFrau Palmer [SR]
Martin NeuhausDudek [SR]


director of photographyAdrian Campean
2nd assistant cameraKarl Kürten+ Data Wrangling / B-Cam Focus
DIT digital imaging technicianHolger Jungnickel2 DT / RED Epic + Scarlet
casting directorKathrin Küntzel-Sedler
costume designerStefanie Hamann
assistant costume designerSimone Grünwald
wardrobeEva Maria Simon
directorHelena Hufnagel
1st assistant directorAnna-Katharina Maier
1st assistant directorSimon AschenbrennerNachdreh VFX Shot
editorAdrian Campean
editorHelena Hufnagel
Trailer EditorEmil Rosenberger
makeup artist / hair stylistAlisza PfeiferMaskenbildnerin
makeup artist / hair stylistMadeleine Magnus
key makeup artistCarolin Gechter
freelance producerIsabelle Bertolone
freelance producerBenedikt Weber [1]
production designerFryderyk Swierczynski
production designerLaura Grüner
standby propsHella StichlmairDreh München
line producerAnna Katharina BrehmHFF München
set manager / 3rd ADMax Dario Albrecht
set runnerElena Schmidt
set runnerFelicia 'Fee' Huber
screenwriterSina Flammang
literary sourceStephen King
boom operatorSteffen FlachDrehblock Gernrode
sound designerJörg Elsner+ Dialog Editing
Title DesignerRobert MayerGesamte Titelsequenz
coloristMarcel Tieste

Distributing companies

aug&ohr medienFilm Festival Agency


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Adrian Campean2015Sydney Indie Film Festival [au]Best CinematographyNominated
Helena Hufnagel2015Farcume Faro's Short-Film Festival [pt]Best Fiction Film /Winner
Helena Hufnagel2015Sydney Indie Film Festival [au]Best Visual EffectsNominated
Helena Hufnagel2015FilmQuest [us]Best Fiction FlmNominated