Short Feature Film | 2011 | Canada

Main data

DirectorLuke Freeman
ProductionNSCC [ca]

    Brief synopsis

    A social awkward girl must ignore the figments of her imagination if she is going to meet someone new. This is a short film that played at the Atlantic Film Festival.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Wayne Burnssocial awkward guy [L]
    Nicki Davissocial awkward girl [L]
    Alex Balkamimaginary guy [SR]
    Brittney Jean-Blakeimaginary woman [SR]
    Alina Mischipretty girl [SR]
    Bernie Matthew Raustud [SR]


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyTim Jennings
    Director's DepartmentdirectorLuke Freeman

    Production companies

    NSCC [ca]Waterfront Campus