Documentary (Series) | 2011 | BBC [uk] | Great Britain

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Length of movie60'

    Brief synopsis

    When money is tight and budgets are cut, the public return in droves to the most traditional of all holiday destinations: the British campsite.
    Philippa Robinson's film is pitched in the midst of one of Britain's busiest camping destinations - Whitecliff Bay on the Isle of Wight.
    It follows family barbecues and campsite entertainment shows, as well as joining a group of junior campers who are being schooled in self-sufficiency and independence by the the 2nd Enfield Boys Brigade. As the summer unfolds with water fights, a fishing expedition and a best hat competition, the tents and caravans reveal a world which offers many a week's refuge from the pressures and stresses of inner-city Britain. (


    Director's DepartmentdirectorPhilippa Robinson
    EditingeditorNick Mirsky
    EditingeditorHerbert Hunger
    Musiccomposer Birger Clausen

    Production companies

    BBC British Broadcast Corporation [uk]