Female Agents

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    Feature Film | 2007-2008 | Drama, Period, Spy, War | France


    Brief synopsis

    Louise, a member of the French Resistance, flees to London after her husband is murdered. She is recruited by the Special Operations Executive (SOE), a secret spy and sabotage service initiated by Churchill. She is given an urgent first mission: the exfiltration of a British agent who has fallen into German hands while preparing the Normandy landings. The agent has not yet revealed anything but time is pressing. Louise must first create a commando of women especially chosen for the needs of the operation.

    When it comes to recruitment, anything goes: lies, blackmail, remission.

    She employs Suzy, a cabaret dancer who excels in the art of seducing men; then Gaëlle, a chemist and explosives expert; lastly Jeanne, a prostitute capable of killing in cold blood. Sent to Normandy, they are joined by Maria, an Italian Jew. This radio operator is the last piece of the final tuned machine.

    The mission gets underway well, but quickly becomes complicated. Obliged to return to Paris, the SOE gives them a new, almost suicidal objective: to eliminate Colonel Heindrich, one of the key figures of Nazi counter-espionage. He knows too much about the planned landings. This is the story of five women who didn't set out to be heroines, but who'll become them.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Sophie MarceauLouise Desfontaines [L]
    Julie DepardieuJeanne Faussier [L]Anna Grisebach
    Marie GillainSuzy Desprez [L]
    Déborah FrançoisGaëlle Lemenech [L]
    Moritz BleibtreuKarl Heindrich [L]
    Julien BoisselierPierre Desfontaine [L]
    Maya SansaMaria Luzzato [SR]
    Xavier BeauvoisClaude Granville [SR]
    Marc BertoliniMan with moustache [SR]
    Volker BruchLieutenant Becker [SR]
    David CapelleBernard Quesnot [SR]
    Conrad CecilThe English Geologist [SR]
    Chantal GarriguesMme Duchemin [SR]
    Johannes Oliver HammSS Offizier [SR]
    Alexandre JazédéRené Bourienne [SR]
    Jurgen MashGerd Von Rundstedt [SR]
    Wolfgang PissorsDoctor [SR]
    Colin-David ReeseMaurice Buckmaster [SR]Lutz Mackensy
    Robin RenucciMelchior [SR]
    Vincent RottiersEddy [SR]
    Rainer SievertLieutenant Hospital Normandy [SR]
    Jan Oliver SchroederGarde entrée hôpital [BP]
    Romain Franciscomilicien


    1st ADSerge Onteniente
    Director of photographyPascal Ridao
    Still photographerThibault Grabherr
    Casting directorStéphane Foenkinos
    Costume designerPierre-Jean Larroque
    DirectorJean-Paul Salomé
    Script supervisorLaurence Lemaire-Bazi
    EditorMarie-Pierre Renaud
    Key makeup artistOdile Fourquin
    ComposerBruno Coulais
    ProducerÉric Névé
    Production designerFrançoise Dupertuis
    Unit production managerNora Salhi
    Post production supervisorChristina Crassaris
    Unit managerHenry Le Turc
    ScreenwriterLaurent Michaud
    ScreenwriterJean-Paul Salomé
    Production sound mixerLaurent Poirier
    Sound re-recording mixerDean Humphreys
    Sound editorVincent Guillon
    Foley artistPascal Chauvin

    Production companies

    La Chauve-Souris [fr]Coproduction
    Restons Groupés Productions [fr]Coproduction
    TF1 Films Production [fr]Coproduction
    TF1 Studio (formerly TF1 International) [fr]Coproduction

    Distributing companies

    Tamasa Distribution [fr]International Sales
    TFM Distribution [fr]France (theatrical)


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Pierre-Jean Larroque2009César Awards [fr]Best Costume DesignNominated


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 05/03/2008