• Who killed Asta Nielsen (Working title)
Short Film | 2012 | Thriller | Luxembourg

Brief synopsis

Cabourg, Normandy, 1929. British nobleman Henry H. checks in at the Grand Hotel with his family. However, the reason for his visit to this picturesque seaside town is rather unpleasant: his son is seriously ill and needs treatment from one of Europe’s most renowned doctors. Troubled by their sickly son’s condition and the international stock market crash, the couple faces hard times. Frustrated and lonesome, Henry makes the acquaintance of the flamboyant femme fatale Asta at the hotel bar. She is introduced as Asta Nielsen, the era’s biggest silent movie star. And Henry quickly falls for her intoxicating flirtations and commits adultery.

(Quelle: Equinox)


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Leila SchausJulie Landa [L]
Brigitte UrhausenAsta [L]
Stefan Weinert
Hendrik Lander [L]


directorOlivier Koos
2nd assistant directorLinda Blaschette
makeup artist / hair stylistAntje HuchelMaskenbildnerin ( 20er Jahre)
key makeup artistBeatrice Stephane
key makeup artistBéatrice Stephany
hair stylistRené JordanMakeup and Hair
graphic artistHolger Reißigjust for 2 props

Production companies

Equinox Productions [lu]


Makeup and HairJOLA-RentMasken/Garderobenmob