Short Feature Film | 2012 | Germany

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Length of movie26

    Brief synopsis

    Contemporary Albania is at a turning point in its history. Whether it is about a child, an architect, or a European representative, the relationship between the body and space is at the core of the social organisation and political challenges. As it adopts three viewpoints ranging from close-up view to overview, this animated documentary calls into question the criteria a civil society is grounded on, at the very moment when it is coming into existence. (


    Camera Departmentdirector of photography Alexander Boboschewski
    Director's DepartmentdirectorAlexander Schellow
    EditingeditorManuel Stettner
    Editingdramaturgical editing advisor Friederike Anders
    MusiccomposerJean-Marc Montera
    ScreenplayscreenwriterAlexander Schellow