East Africa Crime Investigation Unit

  • East Africa CIU (Working title)
TV Series | Pilot | 2011 | Whodunit | Kenya

Shooting data

LocationsGroßbritannien & Kenia

Project data

Length of pilot30'

Brief synopsis

about a couple, but the girlfriend has an affair with another man, when the boyfriend found out he got mad and killed the lover but had to kill the girlfriend aswell, because she witness the murder. He got caught because what he did not realize was that his girlfriend made a call before he attacked her and the murder went onto her bestfriends voicemail box.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Kai GamaFrank Mwamba [SS]
Ismail MohamedDetective Ibrahim Abraham [SS]
Immanuel Orwi AmehJerry Mwisho [LE]
Tessa Hart
Lulu Lukas [LE]


DirectorDeogratius Uvetie

Production companies

LikeBrothaz Productions [uk]