The Mixer

  • Der Mann vom Eaton Place (German title)
TV Series | Episodes 1-12 | 1992 | ORF [at] | Austria, Germany, Great Britain

Main data

DirectorHermann Leitner, John Frankau
Written byEdgar Wallace (literary source)
Production Satel Film GmbH

Project data

Length of episode50
Episodes from/to1-12

Brief synopsis

1 The Mixer and the Missing Million
2 The Mixer's Masterpiece
3 The Mixer and the Grand Scam
4 The Mixer and the Distressed Diane
5 The Mixer Takes the Orient Express
6 The Mixer and the Flying Ace
7 The Mixer and the Four Seasons
8 The Mixer and the Great Casino Swindle
9 The Mixer and the Eiffel Tower
10 The Mixer and the Birthday Party
11 The Mixer and the Christmas Present
12 The Mixer Unmasked


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Simon WilliamsSir Anthony Rose [SS]
Jeremy ClydePaul [SS]
Catherine ArlicDiane Delome [SS]
Patrick RyecartNelson Hemmings [SS]
 Miguel Herz-KestranekOtto von Linden [LE]
Peter JonesInspector Bradley [LE]
 Sebastian BaurTony Verworn (Folge Great Casino Swindle) [SR]
 Nicole Beutlerchambermaid


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyAllan Pyrah
Director's DepartmentdirectorHermann Leitner
Director's DepartmentdirectorJohn Frankau
Screenplayliterary sourceEdgar Wallace