TV Series | Episodes 1-30 | 2010 | Austria

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Budget2, 000 000
Length of episode45
Broadcast datetäglich
Episodes from/to1-30

Brief synopsis

Rima, a Jordanian student, travels to Austria to further her education. Here, people are friendly to her and she soon makes new friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, one new person she meets turns out to be less trustworthy than Rima thought, and she gets drawn into the wrong circles as a result. When she finds herself caught up in the midst of a drug smuggling operation with ties to the Middle East, Rima realizes that she is in a very precarious situation. Unable to simply escape the clutches of the mafia, Rima must play along at first. She therefore learns a great deal about the systematic nature of the operation and how it virtually automatically traps innocent people through its dense network of operatives and contacts. Realizing that she must act, Rima makes several attempts to get out, only to get pulled back in by the system. Despite the risks, she decides to contact the local police, for whom she becomes an important ally in the effort to take down the treacherous network. While helping the police, Rima meets Mamdouh, a Jordanian detective who has also been assigned to help track down the masterminds of the illegal operation. The two fall in love and spend every moment of their free time together. Ultimately, the power of love only emboldens Rima and Mamdouh in their effort to bring the criminals to justice.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Christian FoesslOmar [SRE]
Mark OlszewskiBoss´s bodyguard [SRE]
Eva-Maria ProsekSabine [SRE]
 Sebastian WimmerCharbel [SRE]


Director's DepartmentdirectorSaed Haware
Director's Department2nd assistant directorChristian Foessl
Production Mgt.assistant production managerMark Olszewski

Production companies

Sphinx Films International [at]