Mika'ela Fisher aka Mikaela Fisher - The Lost Door | © Roy Stuart
Feature Film | 2008-2009 | Whodunit | France

Brief synopsis

Obsession, sex, and illusion are depicted in a series of parallel stories. Alex, a museum guard is love-struck with Nicole with whom he lives. She meets a naive Amazon, Kristina, who likewise falls desperately in love with the young woman. Kristina enlists the help of an intellectual playboy to break up the couple who by theorizing on the "love-virus and the futility of romance manages to manipulate Nicole before being mysteriously murdered. Kristina is arrested as a suspect. The Lost Door opens while Kristina is being interrogated in a psychiatric hospital where she has been committed. Catherine, a young and beautiful psychiatrist has been assigned by the court to discover what goes on in the deranged yet intriguing mind of this suspected murderer, haunted by ghosts and strange sexual situations. After a long confrontation, it's the mysterious Kristina who opens up the young psychiatrists mind to her own repressed desires. Written by Alain Deloffre


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Mika'ela FisherKristina [L]
Anna BielskaCatherine [L]
Pierre HeitzMarc [L]
Nicole AubergerNicole [SR]
Richard ClémentAlex [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyJoseph Ford
Castingcasting directorHua Ling
Director's DepartmentdirectorRoy Stuart
EditingeditorRemi Bohart
EditingeditorRoy Stuart
Production Designproduction designerYu Zhao
ScreenplayscreenwriterRoy Stuart
ScreenplayscreenwriterRémi Bohrt

Production companies

Dame du Lac Films [fr]