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The Big Sleep

  • Der große Schlaf (German title)
Feature Film | 2004 | melodrama | Germany

Main data

Shooting data

Start of shooting19.04.2004
End of shooting24.05.2004
Number of shooting days35

Project data

Film financing
Length of movie75
Picture formatWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
Picture material negative35mm
Picture material positive35mm
Sound formatDolby SR (4 Kanäle)

Brief synopsis

On a scant island, three women live together in a house. A strange slumber has enfolded the place where everybody is devoted to one another in a tangled triangel of love full of agony and unfulfilled desires. A fisherman and his family are the sole further occupants on the island. They seem to be frozen in time, with a terrible, yet utterly ungraspable secret that lies just beneath the surface. Somehow these two poles are inevitably drawn to one another and the clash, when it comes in the end, causes first death and then: birth. The imagery in "The Big Sleep" is powerful and the story told in all its symbolistic abstraction and elliptical cipher has a primal truth. There is no logic of time and place and the viewer is left to his own devices at all times. It is almost as if the great drama can only be felt, yet not be understood.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Bibiana BeglauLouise [SR]
 Golo EulerAntoine [SR]
 Steffi KühnertJacqueline [SR]
 Hartmut LangeFischer [SR]
 Ursina LardiMarie-Léne [SR]
Julia StabenowFrau des Fischers [SR]
 Raphael Westermeier
Francois [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyPawel Sobczyk
Camera Department1st assistant camera Martin von Creytz
Camera Departmentstill photographer Walter WehnerIrland
Costume Departmentcostume designer Till FuhrmannArthaus
Director's DepartmentdirectorMona Lenz
Director's Department1st assistant directorBirgit Burgermeister
EditingeditorMona Lenz
LightinggafferJarek Goralczyk
Lightinglighting assistantAdam Mioduszewski
Makeup Departmentmakeup artist / hair stylist Verena Weißert

Production companies

Paranorama Filmproduktion

Distributing companies

Paranorama Filmproduktion