Venkovský ucitel

  • Der Dorflehrer (German title)
Feature Film | 2007-2008 | Drama | Czech Republic, France, Germany

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Project data

Length of movie117 min

    Brief synopsis

    Petr, youthful, quiet, and sensitive, comes from Prague to teach natural science in a country town. The gruff principal asks what he's running from and predicts he'll be gone in six months. Marie, a widow with a teen son, Lada, befriends Petr. She's lonely. Petr does some chores at her farm and watches Lada with his weekend girlfriend, Bara. We meet Petr's parents and understand some of why he left Prague, then Petr's friend Mihi pays a visit and we understand more. Mihi throws a wrench in things, and Lada comes to Petr for help. Has Petr found his place in the world, but what about his nature?


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Zuzana BydzovskáMarie [L]Susanne Schwab
    Pavel LiskaLehrer [L]Bernhard Völger
    Ladislav SedivýJunge [SR]Julius Jellinek


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyDivis Marek
    Costume Departmentcostume designerZuzana Krejzková
    Director's DepartmentdirectorBohdan Slàma
    Director's Departmentdirector (dubbing) Erik Paulsen
    EditingeditorJan Danhel
    MusiccomposerVladimír Godár
    Production Designproduction designerMartin Micka
    Production Mgt.assistant production managerMartin Hampel
    Screenplaydubbing script writer Erik Paulsen


    Department CompanyComment
    VFX / Post ProductionSound (Postproduction) Rotor Film