Peter the Great

  • Peter der Große (German title)
TV Movie (multi-part) | 1985 | Biography, Drama, History | USA

Project data

Length of movie360 min

    Brief synopsis

    This is the story of Peter I, Tsar of Russia from 1682, and the constant struggle between him, his sister Sophia and the Streltsy, an important Russian military corp. The story depicts the efforts of Peter in transforming Russia in an "all European" country, importing scientists, costumes, technology and military tactics.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Vanessa RedgraveSophia [L]
    Maximilian SchellPeter der Große [L]
    Omar SharifPrince Feodor Romodanovsky [L]
    Trevor HowardSir Isaac Newton [SR]


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyVittorio Storaro
    Costume Departmentcostume designerElla Maklakova
    Director's DepartmentdirectorMarvin J. Chomsky
    EditingeditorBill ParkerCo-Editor
    MusiccomposerLaurence Rosenthal
    Production Designproduction designerJohn Blezard
    Production Mgt.dubbing coordinator Karin Hoppe+ Stimmcasting !
    ScreenplayscreenwriterRobert K. Massie
    ScreenplayscreenwriterEdward Anhalt
    Screenplaydubbing script writer Erik Paulsen

    Production companies

    NBC Productions [us]