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TV Magazine | 2011 | ProSieben [de], RTL II [de] | Adventure, Animals, Docutainment, Nature-Environment, Science | Germany


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Björn JochumLeon (Sohn) [LE]
 Alexandra M. WenzelOn-Air Reporter


Camera Department2nd unit dopTim Teichmann
Camera Departmenteng assistant audio/videoDavid Rummeldiverse
Camera Departmenteng assistant audio/video Alexander Tower
Camera Departmenteng assistant audio/videoThomas D. Spitzenberger
Director's DepartmentdirectorAlexander Pahl
Production Mgt.production manager Nicola HellmuthProduction Manager
Production Mgt.production managerTobias GeßnerProduction Manager
Production Mgt.production managerUlrike Reichenbach
Production Mgt.assistant production manager Carina Piazzon
Production Mgt.assistant production managerAykut ÖzcanLizenzen


Department CompanyComment
In Front of the CameraCasting Producer’s Friend GmbH [de]Kleindarsteller
ProductionTechnical Services FFO-GmbH