Feature Film | 2010 | Great Britain

Main data

DirectorGraham Guy
Written byGraham Guy
ProductionThe Lacuna Works [uk]

    Brief synopsis

    Samantha Keene is an ordinary twenty-something with an ordinary nine-to-five life. But in the blink of an eye and a barely remembered moment her world is turned upside down as she finds herself caught in the middle of a war between humans and vampires. Without warning she is the target for crazed killers and ominous strangers, and she can't even turn to the police as she believes that they are somehow involved.

    But she cannot bring herself to accept that vampires exist and so at first she tries to deny that anything is happening. For Samantha her journey is only just beginning. As her eyes are opened to the existence of a world the thought only existed in myths and legends how will she survive?

    Will she embrace her new understanding, or will she continue to deny it until she doubts her own sanity?


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Zara PhythianLyn [L]
    Meriel RosenkranzSamantha [L]
    Jay SutherlandDI Marks [L]
    Velile TshabalalaKeisha [L]
    Vidal SanchoDenis [SR]


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyDavid Mussett
    Castingcasting directorAngela Dee
    Director's DepartmentdirectorGraham Guy
    EditingeditorGraham Guy
    ScreenplayscreenwriterGraham Guy

    Production companies

    The Lacuna Works [uk]