TV Series | Episodes 27-34 | 2011 | SAT.1 [de] | Comedy | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting15.09.2011
End of shooting22.12.2011

Project data

Episodes from/to27-34
Picture formatTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
Picture material negativeRedcode RAW 4K
Sound formatStereo


  • DANNI LOWINSKI - R: Richard Huber - 2011
  • DANNI LOWINSKI - R: Richard Huber - 2011
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  • DANNI LOWINSKI - R: Richard Huber - 2011 - SAT.1
  • DANNI LOWINSKI - R: Richard Huber - 2011 -
  • DANNI LOWINSKI - R: Uwe Janson - 2011 -
  • DANNI LOWINSKI - R: Richard Huber - 2011 - SAT.1
  • DANNI LOWINSKI - R: Dagmar Seume - 2011 - SAT.1
  • DANNI LOWINSKI - R: Dagmar Seume - 2011


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Annette FrierDanni Lowinski [SS]
 Jan SosniokOliver Schmidt [SS]
 Axel SieferKurt Lowinski [SS]
 Nadja BeckerBea Flohe [SS]
Oliver FleischerNils [SS]
Tino MewesHannes Stüsser [SS]
Bastian PastewkaSchüttke (Episode 27) [LE]
 Jonas Baeck
Manuel Berger [LE]
 Peter Benedict
Tim Sollmann [LE]
 Theresa BerlageHilde Weber [LE]


Accounting Dept.production accountant Carolin Riedel27 - 34
Camera Departmentdirector of photography Robert Berghoff2 Folgen (33, 34) / RED MX
Camera Departmentdirector of photography Andres MarderStaffel 3, Folge 27 - 29
Camera Departmentdirector of photography Oliver-Maximilian Kraus
Camera Departmentcamera operator Christian Temme
Camera Departmentsteadicam operator Thomas Korda
Camera Department2nd assistant camera Kerstin Fischer27 - 34, RED MX
Camera Departmentstill photographer Frank Dicks
Camera Departmentcamera traineeFelix Maria HovenData Wrangling, 7D Betreuung
Castingextras/bit player castingAngi Peters27 - 34


Department CompanyComment
In Front of the CameraExtras/Bit PlayerA Casting
ProductionFinance/Law/Insurance adag Payroll Services GmbH
ProductionProduction Services FilmobilAufenthaltsmobile
ProductionProduction Services Fire and Rescue Service GmbH & Co. KGRettungsschwimmer
ProductionProduction Services Ginzel Security Services GmbH (formerly CrossLine-Security Block and More)
ProductionTransportation, Travel and Accomodation Fuhrmann Courier 24 (formerly Pickup24 KurierService)
Production Design, Costumes, Makeup and HairCostumes JOLA-RentMasken Garderoben Ko
Production Design, Costumes, Makeup and HairCostumes PATIN-A SHOP GmbHKostümequipment
Production Design, Costumes, Makeup and HairProps GRAFIKWERKMOVIEPHONE / Drucke / Animationen
Production Design, Costumes, Makeup and HairVehicles and aircrafts Filmauto Markus ZimmermannSpielfahrzeuge


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
 Richard Huber2012Metropolis - Deutscher RegiepreisBeste Regie Fernsehserie/SerienfolgeNominated
Markus Brunnemann2012Deutscher Comedypreis 2012Beste ComedyserieNominated
Benedikt Gollhardt2012Deutscher Comedypreis 2012Beste ComedyserieNominated
Marc Terjung2012Deutscher Comedypreis 2012Beste ComedyserieNominated
David Ungureit2012Deutscher Comedypreis 2012Beste ComedyserieNominated
 Mandy Cankaya2012Deutscher Comedypreis 2012Beste ComedyserieNominated
 Richard Huber2013Jupiter AwardBeste TV-Serie (National)Nominated
Peter Gersina2013Jupiter AwardBeste TV-Serie (National)Nominated


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanySAT.1 [de]Monday, 12.04.2010