From Disco to Disco

  • From Disco to Disco (German title)
Video Installation | 2007-2010 | Experimental | Germany

Main data

Project data

Length of movie120'

Brief synopsis

From Disco to Disco is part of Zoo Zappers-Too Hot-The Movie (2011). A work in progress of sorts:
In a dystopian future where tabloid journalism and state-sponsored designer drugs control their minds, the protagonists of Zoo Zappers meander through a cultish and corporate media-controlled Berlin in a drug and celebrity culture-induced haze. This feature film splices Natz Spetsman aka Purio's video work from 2007-2010 in a fashion reminiscent of Alexander Kluge, while incorporating various sub- genres such as music journalism and the making-of of a pop culture movie that was never made. The result is an indictment of the Mass Media by the means of a playful postmodern Brechtian narrative.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Claudine Biswas-MacKenzie M.A.Schizophrenic Presenter / Co-Star [L]


directorNatz Spetsman
producerNatz Spetsman
freelance producerClaudine Biswas-MacKenzie
screenwriterClaudine Biswas-MacKenzie
co-writerNatz Spetsman

Production companies

Natz Spetsman Produktion