The Sharkcallers of Kontu

  • Die Haifischbeschwörer von Kontu (German title)
Documentary | 1982 | Australia

Project data

Length of movie54'

    Brief synopsis

    About 150 people live in the village of Kontu. Of these, only a handful of men still understand the ancient rituals which allow them to go out to sea in frail canoes - to call, trap and kill sharks by hand


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyChris Owen
    Director's DepartmentdirectorDennis O'Rourke
    Director's Departmentdirector (dubbing) Marika von RadvanyiVoice over
    Screenplaydubbing script writer Marika von RadvanyiVoice over

    Production companies

    CameraWork Pty Ltd, Dennis O'Rourke [au]


    Department CompanyComment
    VFX / Post ProductionSound (Postproduction) VOX-Synchron Filmvertonung GmbHVoice over