1000 Kings | © Thirsty Goldfish
Indie Feature Film | 2010-2018 | Arthouse, Fantasy, Science Fiction | Germany
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Shooting data

Start of shooting14.04.2010
End of shooting22.05.2010
Number of shooting days30
LocationsBerlin - nur Studio

Project data

Length of movie92 Min.
Picture formatWidescreen USA (1 : 1,85)
Picture material negativeRedcode RAW 4K

Brief synopsis

1000 people live encaged in an immense space and can only be distinguished from one another by their different social positions, as in a beehive. The inhabitants’ only goal is to produce light. But only one of them has this ability. For this he is admired and exploited, until he makes a fatal decision.

(Quelle: Aug & Ohr)


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Arne FiedlerBeobachter 1 [L]
 Falko FreitagLächelnder Mann [L]
 Gerhard FriesMutter [L]
 Hannes LindenblattBeobachter 4 [L]
 Wolfgang MüllerMann Nr.12 [L]
 Effi RabsilberNico [L]
 Frank-Otto SchenkErnster Mann [L]
Jörg SchönbornBeobachter 3 [L]
 Dominik SteinGesetzmann [L]
Christian BackhaußBeobachter 2 [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photography Christoph Iwanow7DT Vertretung
Camera Departmentdirector of photography Patrick Popow
Camera Departmentcamera operatorMartin Rettschlag
Camera Department1st assistant cameraPaul Steinke
Camera DepartmentDIT digital imaging technician Jörg TheissEinarbeitung Red One
Camera DepartmentDIT digital imaging technicianChristoph-Lucas Hütter
Camera Departmentstill photographer Frank Schirrmeister
Castingextras/bit player castingJonathan Bölling
Castingextras/bit player casting Tommy Kreiselmaier
Castingextras/bit player castingAliki Schäfer

Production companies

 Thirsty Goldfish GmbH


Department CompanyComment
Production Design, Costumes, Makeup and HairSpecial Effects Design of Illusion - Special Make-Up EffectsUnterleib Dummie