Short Film | 2008 | Drama | Germany

Main data

Project data

Length of movie23'
Picture material negativeHD

Brief synopsis

Weakness thrusts the ex-couple Phillip and Julia into a horrible situation: Julia visits Phillip the night before his departure. The next morning he's flying to America forever. They land in bed, "one last time", and the condom breaks. Poorly informed and with only a few hours to his flight, they stumble into the night, in search of the "Morning After Pill". The adventurous search becomes one last chance to find clarity in their feelings. For at the end of the night comes the moment of truth: Does she take the pill and let him go? Does she try to force him to stay? Does love have a chance? A night in search of a pill, clarity, hope - of what remains on the morning after.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Uta KargelJulia [L]
Sven WaasnerPhillip [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyStefan Grandinetti
Director's DepartmentdirectorRobert Lyons
Director's Departmentscript supervisor Simone Haling
Editingeditor Jeannette-Maria Giza

Production companies

Eyes of a Stranger Films