BMW X1 Christmas | © Bavaria Film Interactive
Commercial | 2009

Main data

Shooting data

Number of shooting days3
LocationsAlta Badia - Dolomiten

Project data

Length of movie1 min
Picture formatWidescreen (65/70 mm, 1 : 2,2)
Picture material negativeHD


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Sebastian HertlenThe Driver [L]


    director of photography Luis de MaiaRegie/DOP-RED ONE 4k/2k 100fps Master Pr
    aerial camera operatorGabriel Kostner
    1st assistant cameraMarcus BaierleinRED ONE
    2nd assistant camera Salomé Lou RömerRED ONE
    DIT digital imaging technicianMarcus BaierleinRED ONE
    director Luis de MaiaDrehbuch, Moodboard
    storyboard artist Luis de Maia
    editorMichael de Meyer
    editorClay ColemanKorrekturen und OnLine
    key/dolly grip Florian Neuner
    head of developmentBenjamin Dörich
    freelance producer Florian Wein
    Rigging, Special Constructions Christoph Blase
    set manager / 3rd AD Florian Wein
    production assistantRobert Schimetzek
    IdeaStefanie Behr
    coloristClay Coleman

    Production companies

     Bavaria Film Interactive GmbH


    Cameras and Utilities Kameraverleih Licht & Ton KLT GmbH (formerly LTGV)Red One