Educational Series | 2009 | BBC [uk] | Great Britain

Brief synopsis

BBC Languages' Mi Vida Loca is an interactive Spanish beginnners course split into 22 episodes, available free on Each episode takes about 10 minutes to complete. Shot from the user's point of view, you feel as if you're in Spain, meeting and talking to real Spaniards. Learning how to order a drink or getting a cab are mixed with a dramatic story as you make friends with Merche, who takes you on a journey from Madrid to Gran Canaria. With your interactive phrasebook constantly at your side, you can't help but learn Spanish.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Africa Luca de TenaMerche [SS]
Luis SotoPhrasebook [SS]
Jose Manuel TrujilloRaul [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyMatthias Laeis
Director's DepartmentdirectorMatthias Laeis
Director's Department1st assistant directorRafael del VigoAsst. Dir.+ Prod.Coord Spain
EditingeditorMatthias Laeis

Production companies

BBC British Broadcast Corporation [uk]BBC Learning