Walled in! The Inner German Border

  • Eingemauert! - Auf den Spuren der innerdeutschen Grenze (German title)
Documentary | 2009 | DW - Deutsche Welle [de] | History | Germany

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Length of movie30'

    Brief synopsis

    Two decades have passed since the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and people's knowledge is fragmented. Reconstructing the past is difficult. What was the Wall's exact location, and that of the inner German border? How did people exist in the shadow of what East Germany's Communist regime called the "anti-fascist security barrier"? How was it fortified and how was it guarded? With the aid of sophisticated DW-TV animation, "Walled In! The Inner German Border" retraces the story of the inner-German frontier, showing what it was really like. It tells the tales of people whose hopes, desires and dreams of freedom were shattered on inhuman barriers and barbed wire.


    Camera Departmentdirector of photography Michael Khano
    Director's Departmentdirector Annette Baumeister
    EditingeditorRobert Bohrer
    Editingeditor Carsten Piefke
    Producerproducer Florian Hartung
    Producerfreelance producer Anja Kühne

    Production companies

    Pro GmbH [de]


    Department CompanyComment
    CameraGrip CinoramaABC Kran, GF-9 Kamerakran