Documentary | 2001 | Portugal

Shooting data

Number of shooting days21
LocationsJava, Bali und Flores Insel (Indonesien)

Project data

Length of movie40
Picture formatTV 4:3 (1 : 1,33)
Picture material positiveDigital Betacam
Sound formatStereo

    Brief synopsis

    Dealing with life is like dealing with a flying kite. When the wind is weak you pull the thread to avoid it falls. When the wind blows strong, you give it more to fly. What if the thread gets cut?


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyPatricia Bateira
    Director's DepartmentdirectorPatricia Bateira
    Director's Department1st assistant directorPatricia Portela
    EditingeditorRui Madruga
    ScreenplayscreenwriterPatricia Bateira
    Sound Departmentproduction sound mixerPatricia Bateira