Poster | © 2002 Patricia Bateira
Documentary | 2002 | Portugal

Shooting data

Number of shooting days21
LocationsOsten Timor und Portugal

Project data

Length of movie30
Picture formatTV 4:3 (1 : 1,33)
Picture material positiveDigital Betacam
Sound formatStereo

    Brief synopsis

    It’s like a baby who stands on his own feet and tries the first steps. Not everything goes well in East Timor facing Independence Day. But the rosters sing again freely in the youngest international democracy. Marking a catharsis period of the most recent Portuguese history, Chronicle of a Rising Nation reflects upon a group of East-Timorese memories and traditions before the new challenges of its people.


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyPatricia Bateira
    Director's DepartmentdirectorPatricia Bateira
    Director's Department1st assistant directorPatricia Portela
    EditingeditorRui Madruga
    Sound Departmentproduction sound mixerPatricia Bateira
    Sound Post Productionsound designerAri de Carvalho