Feature Film | 2009-2011 | Horror, Thriller | Germany

Shooting data


Project data

Length of movie88 min.


  • URBAN EXPLORER - R: Andy Fetscher - 2009

Brief synopsis

Anxious to explore the mysterious hidden world under metropolitan Berlin, an international group of four urban explorers hires a local guide, Kris, who leads them into the maze of escape tunnels and subterranean fortifications under the city. When their guide has a bad fall, two of the girls in the group frantically set off to seek help while Denis, the young American, stays behind. Armin, a former East German border guard suddenly appears from nowhere. Out of sheer desperation, Denis allows Armin to lead them and their unconscious guide to safety and it is at this moment that Denis realizes he has just made the biggest mistake of his life. (c)The Little Film Company


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Klaus Stiglmeier
Armin [L]
Nathalie KelleyLucia [L]
Nick EversmanDenis [L]
Max RiemeltKris [L]
Catherine De LéanMarie [SR]
Kai Michael WolterSlimy Guy [SR]
 Carlo DegenKellner [BP]
Brenda KooJuna [BP]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyAndy Fetscher
Camera Department2nd unit dopLars Petersen
Castingcasting directorMonika Mikkelsen
Costume Departmentcostume designer Dorota Budna
Costume Departmentassistant costume designerUta MüllerDreh
Costume Departmentassistant costume designerAlice Moewiusnur vorbereitung
Director's DepartmentdirectorAndy Fetscher
Director's Department1st assistant director Peter Fuchs1st AD
Director's Department2nd2nd resp. 3rd ADJeanette ReisigKomparsen
EditingeditorAndy Fetscher

Production companies

Papermoon Films [de]
Rialto Film GmbH [de]

Distributing companies

The Little Film Company [us]
Universum Film GmbH [de]


Department CompanyComment
ProductionFinance/Law/Insurance Howden Caninenberg GmbH (formerly Caninenberg & Schouten GmbH)Versicherung
ProductionProduction ServicesKosmo CateringVollcatering
Production Design, Costumes, Makeup and HairDecoration Unternehmen SchönGerüst für Set Brauerei
Production Design, Costumes, Makeup and HairMakeup and Hair Filmservice LummeMaskenmobil
VFX / Post ProductionFilm Processing/Transfers Cine Chromatix KGColor Grading, Conf, 30-25/24fps convert
VFX / Post ProductionImage (VFX) Cine Chromatix KGVFX Produktion


Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 20.10.2011