Hampa & the Carms Plattentaufe | © 2009 SoundFoxX Media
Music Video | 2009 | Music | Switzerland

Shooting data

Number of shooting days1

Project data

Length of movie88 min
Picture formatTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
Picture material negativeDVCpro
Sound formatStereo

Brief synopsis

The rock and roll force "Hampa & the Charms" presents its new CD "C'mon everybody". The disc invites you to a 45-minute rock'n'roll party in a really fresh way. "We had a lot of fun while the recording and a good teamwork with Sculpture Studio boss Mick Frigerio", says Hampa Rest, Bandleader of the Charms.

On the disc, you can hear classics like "Long Tall Sally," "Pretty Woman" or "Stand By Me". But you can also hear Pinks "Get the Party Started" fitted in the fifties. Funny! "Hampa & the Charms" entered the stage four years ago as a trio. Meanwhile, Hampa Rest (vocals), Andy Gfeller (guitar), Steve Binkert (drums), Beat Brot (Bass), Angela Jossi (vocals / sax) and Isa Rivero (vocals / sax) show have cult status in their home territory.
The band stands for modern Fifties sound with special entertainment value - this band has charm! Almost all Charms even look back at more than 200 stage performances, on television or in mainstream festivals. What the band is interested now: that the famous spark jumps.


Director's DepartmentdirectorRoberto Liebold
EditingeditorMarian Otto
Producercreative producerRoberto Liebold