Feature Film | 2006 | Action, Romance | Russia

    Brief synopsis

    Mityai and Anya each did not know the other existed. Until they both agreed to participate in a shady scheme. He did it to help out a friend; she did it to make some money. Mityai likes good music and believes in friendship. He needs neither money nor fame. The practical Anya doesn’t believe anyone, but she soon realizes that she’s willing to make an exception for Mityai. It takes the two young people a while to understand that their lives are in mortal danger. To stay alive and not to lose oneself, to get rid of the counterfeit million and to save their love — they choose it all. And that’s why they have a chance


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Ruslan KurikMityai Petrov [L]
    Yelena MorozovaRita [L]
    Dmitry MartynovKotik [SR]
    Angelina MirimskayaAnja [SR] Monika Gossmann


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyPyotr Dukhovskoy
    Director's DepartmentdirectorVladimir Shchegolkov
    EditingeditorAlbina Antipenko
    ScreenplayscreenwriterValentin Spiridonov
    ScreenplayscreenwriterSergey Osipyan
    ScreenplayscreenwriterAlexey Zernov
    ScreenplayscreenwriterMikhail Novikov

    Production companies

    TVINDIE Film Production [ru]